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Verandahs - Ideal Pergolas and decks

Size really does matter when it comes to a new or replacement verandah. Taking into consideration the style of the dwelling, the colours and finishes, the first important step is the size.

Whether it is a new structure or a replacement, the overall size is determined by the following:

  • Where the structure is going and how much room there is in that space
  • How the verandah will be used for the majority of the time
  • How many people you would like to accommodate when entertaining in the space
  • If you have a large outdoor setting and outdoor kitchen or if you simply seek a more compact space with better functionality and style


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Ideal Verandahs

There are several style options to choose from including flat, gable, or skillion.

Again, this is where our experience, product knowledge and an understanding of all the elements that are needed to create a verandah that works well and looks amazing is more than a bonus, it’s a necessity!

If you are renovating, yet not ready to actually build your verandah, we are happy to work with you on the design and style options so that you can consider this outdoor space and addition as you progress with the renovation. We can even help you with important decisions; like the entry to the verandah from the house, which room or side of the house would work best and offer some practical solutions that you may not have thought of at this early stage.

To discuss your new or replacement verandah options, please contact us so we can discuss your options on-site and provide a free quotation.

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