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Timber Verandahs

Timber Verandah - Ideal Pergolas and decks

More versatile than steel, easily matched into the existing dwelling so it doesn’t look like an ‘add on’. Greater range of design and functionality options.

A broad statement we are proud to make.


Working with timber provides a variety of design and functionality benefits and features. A timber verandah can surround your dwelling for protection from the harsh elements that our weather throws at us, as well as being a representation of your outdoor lifestyle.

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Timber Verandahs Adelaide

Your new timber verandah can be an extension of any area of the house, providing the outdoor space will allow it. Your timber verandah can be added to increase the use of either family, living or dining room or even provide a fabulous outdoor space from the children’s side of the house. With many options available for natural, stained or painted timber, plus a variety of roof products to choose from to match the existing exterior in style and colours, you will wonder how you ever coped without it.

Adding personalised features and decor, such as built in storage, seating or day beds, to complement the timber type and colour, will enhance your verandah while adding to your overall functionality and lifestyle desires.

To help you with your Ideal ideas, timber choice and placement of your timber verandah, call us so that we can give you the best advice and a no obligation quote.

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