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Ideal Pergolas and Decks have been designing and building lifestyle additions to so many homes that we have lost count.

Carport additions are usually visible from the street. Therefore, when we design and recommend your new carport addition we take into account the house design, exterior colours and finishes, as well as the functionality of the structure.

The size, overall design and structural configuration must allow for the vehicles that will be using this space, be it a standard family or compact car, 4WD, caravan, boat, or a combination of regular cars and recreational vehicles.

Then we must consider whether a roller door is applicable or desired and allow for this as well, so there are many elements to consider in the design and build to ensure that your new carport lives up to expectation and the task required.

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Our experience helps you address not only what it is you want from your new carport, but how to achieve it as well. Every now and then, a compromise may be needed and we work with you to find a solution that still delivers what you wish to achieve.

There is no compromise on the level of our service and advice, and if we need to address budget restraints, we will work out the most affordable and suitable approach to the design and functionality with regard to products, finishes and overall aesthetic appeal.

Ideal Pergolas and Decks have been designing and building lifestyle additions to so many homes we have lost count. We have worked with homes built recently, or several decades ago. We can customise your carport on a new build if you wish, or come back to you at a later stage if your carport was not factored into the build at the beginning.

To organise your new or replacement carport options, please contact us so we can discuss your options on-site and provide a free quotation.

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