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When choosing to build a deck, consider the following.

  1. Do your research in the type of decking you are going to use, generally the cheaper the deck the lower the grade. Aim for a hardwood with a durability level of 1 (1 being the densest), this will guarantee you a genuine hard and dense hardwood that will outlast others with a lower rating.
  2. Ensure that your deck is elevated and well ventilated. This ensures suitable air flow to the subframe enabling the air to circulate and help reduce moisture content.
  3. Make sure subframe is constructed with fully treated timber or hardwoods and the galvanised fittings are used!
  4. Unsure the decking is secured correctly to joists, screws are better especially in decks which are in the open without any covering.
  5. Use suitable and good quality oil. Although this may not reduce the amount of times you have to treat your deck, it will better protect the decking boards in between the re – oiling intervals.

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